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These are the best smoke detectors of 2018

best smoke detectors detector
A good smoke detector is an absolute necessity in any dwelling. It’s your first defense against things like fire-related hazards, or in case someone forgets to turn off the oven, you leave food burning on the stove, or a machine malfunctions. Luckily, most smoke detectors are affordable and easy to install, although some more costly models come with extra security features. Whatever your budget or need, there’s a smoke detector out there that will fit your home. We’ve done the research and rounded up the best smoke detectors on the market. And don’t forget to ensure all the alarms in your house are equipped with batteries, an action that any viewer of NBC’s show This Is Us will agree with.

First Alert BRK 3120B Hardwire Dual Photoelectric and Ionization Sensor Smoke Alarm ($29)

This smoke detector by First Alert has the advantage of being a dual-sensor alarm. That means it uses both photoelectric and ionization sensors to detect smoldering and fast-burning fires. It also comes hardwired with battery backup in case of power outages and has an 85-decibel alarm that’s guaranteed to wake you up. Plus, if you have a big house, you can even sync this detector with other units in the house so that if one alarm sounds, the rest will, too. The device also comes with latching features, which will help you easily identify which unit is low on battery or which one went off first.

Kidde Battery-Operated Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning ($32)

Want your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm to be combined? This Kidde unit makes things easy by melding two devices into one. The unit also features verbal warnings rather than siren sounds when the unit detects something is off, and the voice will let you know whether it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. Many users may find that the verbal warning wakes them up more easily at night, which is crucial in case of a real emergency. The device also conveniently comes with a “hush” mode, allowing the alarm to easily be silenced in the scenario of a false alarm.

Kidde i4618AC Firex Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup ($14)

If value is what you’re after, this smoke detector gives you the best bang for your buck. This no-frills, user-friendly model by Kidde is a hardwired alarm that uses ionization sensors to detect smoke and fire. The battery backup ensures the unit will keep functioning properly in the event of a power outage, and each unit can be synced up with other units around the house. In the event of a false alarm, you can manually quiet the alarm for up to eight minutes. A visible low battery indicator also helps you detect which alarm is the one that’s beeping.

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm ($119)

For a high-end smoke detector that will not only protect your home but also give you tons of extra convenient features, try out the Nest Protect. The alarm is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, so users will receive notifications on their smartphones about a triggered alarm or a low battery alert even if they’re out of the house. This unit utilizes both photoelectric and ionization technology, and you can choose to buy either a hard-wired or battery-operated version. Other interesting features are a motion-activated LED nightlight and voice alerts that can be silenced before a 85-decibel alarm sounds. To top it off, the Nest Protect doubles as a carbon monoxide detector, so you only need to get the one device to cover both needs.

First Alert SMOKE1000 Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke Detector ($25)

Don’t like the look of smoke detectors but know they’re necessary for the safety of your home? This version by First Alert is at least 60 percent smaller than traditional smoke detectors, boasting a diameter of just two inches. These devices come in three finishes — white, antique copper, and cherry wood — so you can pick out the one that goes best with your interior design. This smoke detector also features a single-button test as well as a flashing LED when an alarm goes off. Plus, it utilizes a Smart clip system to ensure the device can’t be mounted until the battery is installed.

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