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Blurams Outdoor Pro facial-recognition security camera helps you screen visitors

Increasingly sophisticated smart home security products help protect residences whether the owners are traveling or at home. The Blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera adds A.I.-powered facial recognition to a smart detection system that differentiates people and vehicles from random objects. The Alexa-compatible Blurams camera can be used inside or outside your home and send alerts as needed.

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The 1080p full HD Blurams Outdoor Pro camera uses a Sony CMOS Sensor plus infrared LEDs and an infrared cut filter to provide the best possible images in all light conditions, including starlight. The camera has a wider-than-usual 129-degree field of view. A weather-resistant case and IP65 rating let you place the camera in any location inside or outside your home. The Amazon listing refers to the Outdoor Pro as wireless, but that’s for data, which connects via Wi-Fi. The camera comes with a micro USB cable and an AC adapter that need to connect with a power source.

The Outdoor Pro’s A.I. system analyzes shape, movement, and sounds to determine whether an object that sets off the camera’s motion and sound detectors is a person, a vehicle, or something else. The facial recognition system comes into play when the system determines that a person is in the camera range. You can assign and name up to 16 people via the Blurams mobile app. When people configured in the system approaches the house, the app can send an alert and refer to them by name.

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You can also set the Outdoor Pro camera to activate an internal siren and flashing light if an unrecognized caller appears to be trying to invade your home. With two-way audio, you can talk with friends, family, or callers.

The Blurams app is compatible with Apple Watch and iOS and Android smartphones to send alert notifications. You can also use Alexa-compatible smart displays to view livestream video and recorded clips.

You can define motion detection areas through the Blurams app to cut down on unnecessary alerts. You can also identify specific areas in a camera’s range for privacy and those areas will be blurred at all times.

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You can store recorded video clips on an SD card as large as 128GB. Optional cloud storage for seven days costs $5 per month or $49 per year. You can also store clips for 30 days for $15 per month or $149 per year.

The Blurams camera launched on November 19 on Amazon for $79. For the first three days, buyers can purchase the Blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera with 20% off by using the discount code AIOUTDOORPRO during checkout on Amazon.

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