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The new Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam 2K can view most any angle

Blurams, one of the bestselling surveillance camera brands on Amazon, is releasing a new outdoor camera called the PTZ Dual-Lens Outdoor Cam 2K. The new camera will be perfect for anyone who wants to increase security around their homes thanks to more clarity and digital mobility features.

The new Blurams camera boasts two key features. First, the dual-lens capability allows a higher digital zoom than most cameras while maintaining high-quality resolution. The camera can zoom from 1x to 9x while maintaining a 3MP resolution so that you can see farther, with more transparency, than you can with most opposing cameras. While 3MP may not seem like much, it is a feat for standard security cameras.

The new Blurams PTZ Outdoor Cam 2K on a white background.

The other feature to note is the camera’s PTZ function, which stands for pan, tilt, and zoom. The camera can follow any motion around your home. It also has auto-tracking features that ensure the camera pinpoints any human motion on the premises.

The Blurams PTZ Dual-Lens Outdoor Cam attaches to the side of your home with two antennas and must be constantly plugged into power, as is the case with most DVR-style security cameras. It sports an IP66 weather-resistant frame that helps it survive the elements. You can also use the camera with Wi-Fi or Ethernet for an internet connection.

While the camera is connected to the internet, you’ll receive notifications from the Blurams app. In combination with using a MicroSD card, the app can store 24/7 video recordings. If you sign up for the app’s monthly subscription service for $2, you can also keep those recordings in the cloud.

During this first week of release, Blurams is giving away promo codes for a discount on the new PTZ Dual-Lens Outdoor Cam on its website. If you can’t purchase the camera during that time, you can find it on the Blurams website or Amazon for $60. C

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