Crumpler camera bags offer sturdy construction, clever details

Australian company Crumpler has branched into laptop bags, urban messengers, and travel bags, but their camera bags are what caught our eye here at Digital Trends. Good camera bags are hard to find. Good camera bags that also have a sense of style are near impossible to track down. Crumpler has managed to combine important technical specs for any camera bag with a modern look and sense of style. The company’s bags come with a “‘Till Death Do Us Part” warranty and all the elements you might need in a camera bag for the amateur hobbyist or the consummate professional. We got on our hands on two models of camera bags from Crumpler and tested them out ourselves to provide you with the best information possible. We wouldn’t lie to you now, would we?

Perhaps one of the best things about Crumpler’s camera bags is that there are more than a few different sizes and styles, meaning one of them will certainly be the ideal bag for the amount and type of equipment you intend to tote around. The bags are aptly named from the 1 Million Dollar Home to the Brazillion Dollar Home based on just how much space you and your camera need to have a happy life. We checked out the 5 Million Dollar Home ($85) and the 6 Million Dollar Home ($115), which will cater to both the DSLR hobbyist and someone who needs a bit more equipment.

The 5 Million Dollar Home, pictured directly above, would be a great option for anyone with an entry level DSLR and a few small accessories or an extra lens. It could easily fit a Nikon D5000, for example, two small lenses, and a few other small accessories. The 6 Million Dollar Home, picture at top, is the next step up, with 8.5 liters of space to hold a larger DSLR (a Canon 5D Mark II for example), two or three lenses, an external flash, and other standard accessories. Other than the significant difference in space, both bags offer the same basic qualities and Crumpler standards.

The bags are made with durable, water-resistant 900D material and are meant to last a lifetime. One of the simple, but standout features of the bags is the ingenious velcro-silencer flaps included on both bags. Put them in place and you will no longer hear that infamous velcro sound whenever you need to grab a new lens or flash. Whether you are in a professional shooting situation or at your daughter’s ballet recital, the ability to quiet your bag could definitely come in handy. The bags include removable padded brushed nylon dividers, so you can configure your bag setup based on your specific equipment needs. The bags include an inside zippered pocket for accessories as well as clever quad-loops on the external sides of the bag for instant access to important accessories. The bags come in a wide variety of color combinations and seven other sizes. One is sure to be the perfect fit for your camera and all its accessories.

After checking them out in person, we would definitely recommend Crumpler’s line of bags to anyone who wants to start protecting a camera or have one place for all of their equipment. The bags aren’t the most stylish we’ve ever seen, but color options and sturdy construction make up for that slight downfall. If you tend to get shoulder strain, we might recommend buying the separate comfort strap for the 5 Million Dollar Home model as its strap is lacking any kind of support. Happy snapping!

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