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The Curvilux smart nightstand answers calls, charges phones, and plays tunes

The Curvilux smart nightstand is now available to all of us for $300

smart nightstand
As smart home innovation continues to skyrocket, a group of entrepreneurs from Latin America joined the frenzy today by officially launching the world’s first smart connected nightstand on Indiegogo. Dubbed the Curvilux, this smart nightstand boasts smartphone connectivity, a built-in speaker system, and LED lights capable of being set to mimic a sunrise, among a handful of other features. The first in what the company says is the “first product in a long line of the smart furniture platform,” crowdfunding success is perhaps the biggest hurdle standing between the innovative Curvilux and widespread home integration.

Comprising a team of entrepreneurs from Colombia and Argentina, Curvilux’s founders come from a wide range of different professional backgrounds. Among them is computer engineer Pablo Morales, a former Patagonia employee who also boasts a resume which includes some time spent developing radar systems and satellites for the Argentine Ministry of Defense. Moreover, the United States-based industrial designer Andres Santanilla not only worked at one of IBM’s research laboratories but also interned at Fisher Price. The crew’s final two members are Juan Manuel Morelli, a former product designer for an Australian furniture company and Rodrigo Morelli, founder of the Argentina-based custom shirt store, PuntoDome.


So why a smart nightstand? According to a company press release, the company’s chief objective is to usher in a new era in the furniture industry by creating a platform for the connected home — its smart nightstand is step one. Over time, the team hopes to become the go-to company regarding connected and smart furniture which not only give customers a wide range of available features but remain easy to assemble. They also hope to develop a suite of products which boast the ability to communicate an array of other smart devices such as thermostats or lighting systems.

“The product is the beginning of the new revolution of the connected home,” says Santanilla. “The furniture industry has not seen much innovation in recent years. If you think for a minute you’ll find that furniture is everywhere we go and basically is the soul of our homes, chairs, tables, desks, beds and more, not to mention all [those] object[s] that decorate the ambiance.”

Under the hood, the Curvilux smart nightstand is everything you didn’t know you needed in a bedside table. As mentioned above, the stand features dual LED lights which not only stand to replace a user’s bedside light but also light up the ground should that same user set the stand to wake them up at night. With Bluetooth connectivity and a stereo audio system, it’s incredibly easy to integrate one’s desired playlist of music into a morning alarm or answer a phone call — and also easy to just rock out in bed. Additionally, the team included wireless (and USB) charging capabilities, along with a drawer that features an electronic lock.


“We want furniture to become an active part of our life, helping us reach our maximum potential in all places we find ourselves, whether it be at home, the office or in a hotel,” adds Morelli.

A companion smartphone application also allows users to open and close the stand’s drawer, turn the included lights on or off, and set alarms which have the ability to simulate a sunrise each morning. And best of all, the whole thing can be set up in just 30 seconds. Curvilux’s 2016 Indiegogo campaign ultimately raised nearly $70,000 from 125 backers, easily surpassing its initial fundraising goal, and now, we’ll soon be able to purchase the smart nightstand from Amazon Launchpad. Otherwise, you can buy a Curvilux directly from the company’s website for $300, 30 percent off its list price of $390.

Update: Curvilux is now available for purchase for $300.

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