Ekko smart mirror puts a wealth of information right in front of your face

ekko smart mirror integrates functional technology everyday object

Guillaume Lachenal, the CEO of Miliboo, was always fascinated by technology, and he created a company that produces fashionable furniture featuring the latest tech. Its most recent creation? Ekko, the smart mirror.

Since its invention about two hundred years ago, the mirror has changed in design and manufacturing process, but its overall function has remained the same. Miliboo sought to change all that with the Ekko.

Miliboo is a French furniture company that features trendy, stylish pieces as well as a complete line of functional smart pieces that provide real utility to consumers. The Ekko is part of that line.

The Ekko mirror can do more than just show off your reflection. It can display weather and news feeds in real time, and can play your favorite music and videos. It also features personalization for each user who is connected to the Ekko. And you can control all this with just the click of a smartphone app.

The system automatically updates and features a touchless navigation system for ease of use. The Ekko allows you to glean information about the world around you while also checking your reflection. All this in a sleek modern design that will serve as a welcome complement to most any style of home decor.

You control the mirror through gestures which are read by sensors on each side. Since each family member gets their own personalized profile with Ekko, the possibilities are endless. While your children brush their teeth you could display a timer to make sure they brush long enough, or a show special YouTube video that encourages them or shows them the proper way to brush.

With a wave of your hand you can get your news delivered right in front of you. Check the weather while you do your makeup or play music while you get ready for bed. By integrating all these useful functions into an object that most people take for granted, Miliboo’s Ekko smart mirror is a truly function upgrade.