Whether you need to lock your door or water your lawn, Elgato can lend a hand

Elgato Eve Lock
Smart home accessories are getting smarter by the day, and at the forefront of that evolution stands Elgato, which plans to showcase no fewer than five new HomeKit accessories at this year’s IFA in Berlin. Meet the new Eve product line from the Munich-based company, including the Eve Lock, Eve Window Guard, Eve Smoke, and Eve Aqua. And rounding out the introductions is the second-generation Eve Thermo, a HomeKit-enabled thermostatic radiator valve.

So what makes these accessories so special? First off, the Eve Lock promises to secure your front door (and by extension, your home) from burglary attempts. Even if you never remember to lock the door yourself, the Eve Lock will automatically latch and bolt your main entrance so your door is always safely shut. And thanks to its deep integrations with Apple, you can use Siri, Apple Home, or the Eve app to monitor and control this lock, even granting access to friends, should you be away.

The Eve Window Guard promises to detect tamper force on monitored windows, and will notify you if a window is unexpectedly opened, closed, or tilted.

As for the Eve Smoke, this smart smoke detector promises to not only emit a loud, pulsing alarm in the case of fire, but also to trigger HomeKit notifications and scenes. And because it makes use of Bluetooth technology, you only need to replace an Eve Smoke’s battery once every 10 years.

The Eve Aqua serve as an intelligent irrigation controller, which means you don’t have to worry about watering your lawn. Just set this smart device, and forget it. It will not only water your plants according to predetermined schedules, but will also keep you informed regarding water usage to help you save money (and the planet).

Finally, the latest iteration of the Eve Thermo promises capacitive touch controls and an integrated temperature display, which can be used to both monitor and adjust temperatures. And like its sister products, the Thermo is HomeKit enabled and works right out of the box.

While the Eve Thermo will be made available in Germany and select European countries on September 26, we’ll have to wait a while longer to determine when we can get our hands on the other products.

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