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EvaPure sanitizes the air around you anywhere you go

The arrival of the coronavirus has changed a lot of things in the world, but perhaps the most surprising is just how difficult it is to find cleaning products these days. EvaPolar hopes to change this with the introduction of the EvaPure, a personal air sanitizer that is hand-sized and purifies the air around you. EvaPolar has launched an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $40,000 in order to begin mass production by October.

The EvaPure is designed to be carried with you and its features are built around this purpose. The device is quiet enough to be used at your table at a coffee shop without disturbing others around you. It also has impressive battery life, with an estimated 48 hours of use on a single charge.

In early tests, the EvaPure is said to have eliminated 92% of microorganisms in the air after just one hour of use. It also generates enough O2 to account for 1% of the average human’s daily oxygen consumption, or enough to compensate for oxygen loss in a crowded room.

In addition to sanitizing the air around you, the EvaPure works as a spray cleaner. It needs only a glass of tap water and a single tablet to create a cleaning spray that will sanitize your work surfaces. The device has only two buttons: One that sprays a disinfecting spray, and another that activates the air purifier.

EvaPolar says the EvaPure takes only an hour to charge via a USB port. In a world where people are more concerned with hygiene and cleanliness than ever before, the EvaPure could be a great device to keep in your backpack. It looks like it can easily clean a tabletop or your seat on public transport.

As always, be aware that committing funds to a crowdfunding campaign is not a guarantee of production or delivery. If you are interested in checking out the EvaPure, the basic contribution level is $69 and includes a single EvaPure device as well as the necessary tablets and accessories. If you’re interested in picking up more than one, there is a $189 level that comes with two EvaPure devices and accessories. If the production timeline is met, the EvaPure is slated to begin shipping in December.

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