Forget LED bulbs, LG is already making OLED lights

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There’s already a boatload of different companies who make high-efficiency, smartphone-controlled LED lightbulbs, so LG is taking things to the next level. Earlier today at the Light + Building show in Frankfurt, Germany, the company unveiled a new, ultra-thin table lamp that, instead of using conventional LEDs, relies on an ultra-slim OLED sheet to produce light. 

style="line-height: 1.5em;">Much like the company;s recently-announced Smart Lamp LED bulb, the OLED Table Lamp is designed to interface with mobile devices, so, as is the norm with;smart; products these days, users will be able to control it via an accompanying iOS or Android app. As long as you;re within Bluetooth range, you;ll be able to wirelessly turn the lamp on or off, adjust its brightness, or activate preset light modes for things like reading and watching movies.>>

This actually isn’t the first OLED lamp ever to be created, but it is the first time we;ve seen a major manufacturer like LG dip its toes into the OLED lighting business. If other big companies jump on the OLED bandwagon, it could kick off a movement away from traditional light fixtures, and help the industry move;beyond the bulb; so to speak. The versatility of OLEDs affords them with a broader range of potential uses and applications than normal lights. Imagine, for instance, a flat light fixture that doubles as a television, or lights that can be applied to walls in the same fashion as wallpaper.>

It;s all speculation at this point, but the larger possibilities of OLED lighting are exciting, and this is definitely something you;ll want to keep an eye on in the future. >

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