Get your geek on in the kitchen with these gadgets that help you make delicious treats

gadgets for your geeky kitchen darth vader lightsaber ice pop

If your kitchen décor leans on the geeky side, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of ways to express your temperament via food. Don’t get us wrong: Your wind-up robot salt and pepper shakers are adorable, but it’s nice to have something you can actually share with friends and family, too.

As it turns out, there are lots of people who have the vision and drive to make kitchen gadgets that produce geeky food. Spice up your lunch or turn heads at your next potluck with these nerdalicious devices. May the forks be with you, espresso patronum, and so on.

Tetris Sandwich Cutter

Tetris Sandwich Cutter

You’ll never have to ask “Down the middle or diagonal” again. This contraception cuts your sandwiches into Tetris shapes. It also removes the crust at the same time. Not suitable for children who have been told not to play with their food.

$10 on Amazon

Star Wars PancakesStar Wars Pancake Molds

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to reenact those near-and-far wars at every meal with these Star Wars pancake molds. While they won’t have the precision of this guy’s Yoda pancake, they’re still light years ahead of regular, old, round ones.

$15 on Amazon

Lego Cake MoldLego Cake Decorations

To a lot of people, fondant does not taste good, but it is technically edible. If you want some little candy Legos, grab this mold and go to town. It looks like it would be extremely difficult to keep the blue and yellow of Wolverine’s vest from turning into a green mess, though.

$13 on Etsy

Keyboard Waffle IronKeyboard Waffle Iron

If you’re the type (see what we did there?) who works through breakfast, than the Keyboard Waffle Iron has your name on it. Why would you want food shaped like a computer accessory? “The Keyboard Waffle Iron is easily the most significant union of technology, design, and waffles in the modern age,” according to its creators. Your move, Eggo.

$60 on the product site

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice PopLightsaber Ice Pop

It’s been hot as blazes around here, and few things satisfy on a summer day like a popsicle. But instead of heading to the ice cream truck, you can make your own lightsaber ice pop with your beverage of choice. It even lights up, though you’ll have to make your own sound effects.

$35 on ThinkGeek

Dragon Egg Cookie JarGame of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar

Mother of dragons, we want to show up at a party holding this thing. And do you know what we’d put inside? These cookies. Where can we buy those, because who has an airbrush gun? (Please note this container is not fire-safe and should not be placed in a pyre).

$30 on ThinkGeek

Dragon Cake PanDragon Cake Pan

If you prefer something that can withstand a little heat, there’s always this dragon cake pan. We shall name it Draconis, an all-powerful red dragon. Unfortunately, the pan is out of stock for several weeks, so if you like dungeons just as much, you can make little cakes shaped like 20-sided die with this mold.

$25 on ThinkGeek

Dinosaur Bone CookiesDinosaur-Bone Cookie Cutters

At age six, pretty much every kid wants to be a paleontologist. Making amazing-looking cookies that look like dinosaur fossils are pretty much the next best thing. Sorry, people who are on the paleo diet: These don’t count.

$15 on ModCloth

jello brain moldJello Brain Mold

Are zombies still in vogue? If so, whip up some strawberry jello, pour it in this brain mold, and start making grey matter jokes. You’ll be the cerebellum of the ball! May we suggest pairing with a nice chianti?

$9 on Amazon

Doctor Who Ice Cube TrayDoctor Who Ice Cube Tray

If you don’t know a TARDIS from a Dalek, than this ice cube tray is not for you. But Doctor Who fans can freeze little replicas to chill you a sonic screwdriver cocktail. In a parallel universe, you could use the tray to make chocolate versions.

$7 on ThinkGeek

Rubik's Cube Cookie CutterRubik’s Cube Cookie Cutter

We could watch that video of a teenager solving a Rubik’s Cube in 5.25 seconds all day, or at least in the amount of time it would take to bake some delicious, delicious cookies shaped like the infernal toy. Either takes less time than it does for us to solve one. Spin it topwise!

$8 on Etsy

Pi Pie PanPi Pie Pan

Who says Pi Day has to come but once a year? Math, probably. But still. Pi/pie puns are always in season, so you might as well give in with this pi-shaped pie pan. It’s 3.14… times as much fun as the round version.

$25 on Amazon

Batman Cappucinno StencilBatman Cappuccino Stencil

Just once, we’d like to wake up in the morning to a steaming cappuccino with the Batman logo made of cinnamon sitting atop the foam, so we’d know when our city needs us.

$7 on Etsy

Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs Mold

Nothing short of a magic wand can make inanimate objects made of chocolate hop around like living frogs. However, until you get your letter for Hogwarts (probably just got lost at the owlery all those years ago), you can at least get a little slice of Harry’s world with a chocolate frog mold. Try adding Pop Rocks to the mix; you won’t regret it.

$7 on Amazon