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Wish you were a baller? Check out these homes with indoor basketball courts

The end of March Madness is nigh, which may not mean much for those of us with busted brackets. Still, Michigan State faces Duke today, and then Wisconsin will take on Kentucky. Where are you going to watch the game? A friend’s couch? The bar? Your majestic home theater?

All fine ideas, but a few lucky people in America will likely be staying home, so they can take advantage of their own indoor basketball courts during halftime. The super-wealthy have to do something with their money and enormous houses, so why not convert an entire room into a court, complete with polished wood floors, hoops, and — in some cases — a score board?

In fact, one person was so enamoured with the idea of a basketball court that he or she had a good portion of a guesthouse made into one. Glass doors separate it from the kitchen, so guests’ game better be up to snuff if they decide to utilize the room. Another home’s indoor court also has a climbing wall. Let’s just hope none of the kids attempts to dunk from it.

Naturally, a lot of these courts are really beautiful; they imagine to eschew the whole “high school gymnasium” feel by retaining the homes’ structures, in many cases. For example, homeowners used a barn to house the b-ball court; while it definitely looks more Hoosiers than haybales, the high ceilings are still intact, giving it a unique feel. Of course, there’s also a cozy fireplace for those who aren’t getting sweaty.

Before watching the Final Four, check out these 10 indoor courts and imagine what it’d be like to have a pickup game in one of these decked-out digs. They definitely put our home gym to shame.

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