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Check out these hacks on BOGO deals for Echo Dot, Google Home Mini

Now that the Prime Day tsunami has receded, we’re finding exciting deals that prove you don’t have to wait for monster sales events to get excellent prices. Checking smart home device prices today, we discovered what amount to buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) deals for the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini.

The Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini are stand-alone smart speakers. They can serve as able digital voice assistants even if you never add another smart home device. If you decide it’s time to check out the convenience, entertainment, security, and cost-savings advantages of smart home networks, the Mini and Dot are all you need to control a fully outfitted smart home for their respective systems. In this sense, these small, versatile devices deliver front-end and back- end value.

We can (almost) imagine that if Amazon and Google Home could, they’d distribute their smallest smart speakers at no cost to every home in the U.S. When most people you get used to hands-free control talking with Alexa or Google Assistant, they see no reason to switch to the other platform, so that means more business. So, maybe it’s not that much of a surprise, after all, that we found ways to pay the same amount for two as it costs to buy one Echo Dot on Amazon or Google Home Mini on Walmart.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with discount code DOT2PACK– $50 off

The third-generation Echo Dot is the best-selling smart speaker in the world. The current Dot has bigger and better sound than earlier models and can also pair with another same-generation Dot for stereo sound.

The Echo Dot list price is $50, although it is frequently discounted during sales. For Prime Day 2019, the Echo Dot was available at the lowest price ever, $22. Prime Day is over, though, and the regular $50 price is back. However, just under the printed price you’ll find in small print, “Buy 2 Echo Dots for $49.99 with code DOT2PACKDiscount reflected at checkout.”

This BOGO code may disappear at any time, and there’s even a chance it will appear in different regions of the country at different times. If you wanted an Echo Dot but never got around to buying one during Prime Day, here’s a way to get two the price of one. This deal is almost as good as you could find during Prime Day. If you truly only want one Dot, save the other to give as a gift or split the cost with a friend.

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Google Home Mini 2-pack – $29 to $49 off

The way to get two Google Home Minis at Walmart is different from using a discount code on Amazon for an Echo Dot. During Prime Day 2019, Walmart — and most other merchants that sold the Home Mini — reduced the price from the usual $49 to $25. Now that Prime Day is over, the Google Home Mini sells for the full $49 price. However, Walmart and Google have a standard two-pack for the Mini. Usually $78, the Google Home Mini two-pack is discounted to $49, the same price as one.

Once again, if you missed out on Prime Day deals, you can do just as well per unit by buying the Google Home Mini two-pack and sharing with a friend or saving the second unit to use as a gift. However, there’s also a distinct possibility that, if you are buying your first Google Home Mini, you’ll soon discover why so many people have multiple units in their homes.

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