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Houzz iPad and iPhone app adds View in My Room 3D AR functionality

Houzz View in My Room 3D
Houzz, an online platform dedicated to interior design and home decor, added some new augmented reality functionality to its iPad and iPhone app. View in My Room 3D allows users to preview up to 300,000 different pieces of furniture and other decor products in their home before they make a purchase.

A 2D version of this functionality was introduced in 2016 and was used by 50 percent of people who shopped via the Houzz app. The new iteration transplants 3D models into the user’s home, accurately representing materials and textures to offer a realistic visualization of how the physical item will look.

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View in My Room 3D can be accessed via individual product pages for compatible items within the Houzz app. This launches the camera, with the desired object overlaid — users can rotate and re-position the item to their specifications to get a good idea of how it might be placed in practice.

More than one object can be added to the same view, for shoppers who are keen to completely refurnish a particular room. They can then capture what is on screen as a Sketch, which is added to their Houzz ideabook, and later shared with others. Alternatively, they can purchase the item immediately, directly from the app.

“At Houzz, we’re focused on building technologies that can be used today, by the broadest number of people, to make the home improvement and home design experience more fun and productive,” said Alon Cohen, the company’s co-founder and president. View in My Room 3D was created by an internal team known as Houzz Labs.

The Houzz app is available now for iPad and iPhone via the App Store — users who have already installed the app on their device may have to update to the latest version to access View in My Room 3D functionality.

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