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How to clean the Dreame X40 Ultra

The Dreame X40 Ultra vacuuming the floor.

The Dreame X40 Ultra is a highly automated robot vacuum that is capable of tackling your dirtiest floors while you kick back and keep your hands clean. However, even the best robot vacuums require regular maintenance, and the Dreame X40 Ultra is no exception. For it to continue working at its best, you’ll need to clean both the robot and its docking station. There’s nothing too terrible about the task — though it can be time-consuming and needs to be handled regularly (most parts should be cleaned monthly).

Unsure where to start? Here’s a comprehensive look at how to clean the Dreame X40 Ultra robot vacuum, including how to clean its brushes, mops, and sensors, as well as how to keep its docking station in top form.

Cleaning the Dreame X40 Ultra robot vacuum

The bottom of the Dreame X40 Ultra.
Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

To start your cleaning, take the robot out of the dock. Next, open the top cover and remove the dustbox. Empty any remaining debris, then rinse the box and filter with water. Let them dry, then reinstall them in the robot. Be sure to only use water, as soaps and detergents can reduce the filter’s performance.

With the dustbin clean, flip the robot over to clean its brushes and mops. For the main brush, you can remove the entire unit by pressing the brush guards inward. Remove the brush and dislodge any tangles or debris stuck inside or on the roller itself. When the brush is clean, it can be reinserted — simply press on the brush guards to snap it back in place.

If you notice anything stuck to the side brush, it can be removed and reinserted with a screwdriver.

Round out the robot cleaning by checking the mop pad holders to ensure they haven’t accumulated any gunk around the edges and check the omnidirectional wheel and regular wheels to ensure they can still move freely. Flip the robot right-side up, wipe down the sensors around its edges, and the robot is fully cleaned. Set it to the side until you’re finished cleaning the docking station.

Cleaning the Dreame X40 Ultra docking station

The Dreame X40 Ultra docking station.
Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Cleaning the docking station is easy, but it can be cumbersome as you’ll likely need to bend down and reach toward the back of the unit to find some of its components. Thankfully, the washboard base is removable. Using the mobile app, you can enable “washboard base cleaning.” If you haven’t yet removed the robot from the dock, it will automatically exit. The base station will then fill with water. After some time, the water will automatically get drained to the dirty water tank, along with any debris in the base.

While that’s happening, you can manually clean the removable washboard. Simply check it for tangles or other hazards, remove them with a brush or cloth, verify the roller on the underside still functions, and then reinsert the board once the base station is ready.

Along with the washboard, consider removing both the dirty water tank and clean water tank and giving them a rinse. The dirty water tank is especially important to clean, as it can build up a layer of dirt on its walls if left unattended for months.

The Dreame dustbag in its dock.
Jon Bitner / Digital Trends

Wrap up the dock cleaning by checking the dustbin to see if it needs to be replaced, removing dust from its filter using a dry cloth, and wiping down the charging contacts located at the very back of the base station. You should also take a quick peek at the auto-empty vents located on both the dock and robot to verify nothing is clogging up the vents and that dust can easily move from the robot to the vacuum while docked.

Dreame X40 Ultra cleaning schedules

There are a lot of moving parts on the Dreame X40 Ultra, and it can be a challenge piecing together a comprehensive cleaning schedule to keep it running at top performance. To help you with that challenge, here’s a complete look at the Dreame X40 Ultra routine maintenance intervals. Most of these can be handled monthly, but a few should occur every two weeks or as needed (depending on how often the robot runs or how dirty the home is).

Frequency Tasks
Every two weeks Clean the fresh water tank, main brush, dustbox filter, side brush, and mop pad holders.
Monthly Clean the base station vents, charging contacts, dustbin vent. Clean the robot’s wheels and sensors, and remove debris from its frame.
As needed Clean the robot’s dustbin and replace its mops (up to three months). Replace the dock’s dustbag (up to four months).

Keep in mind that you’ll also want to replace the robot’s main brush yearly, while its filter and side brush should be replaced every three to six months.

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