Get fired up to make these <em>Game of Thrones</em> dragon eggs this Easter

how to make game of thrones dragon eggs this easter diy
Jacquie Long Legs
Easter is coming. Er … it’s actually here. It’s the day Peter Rabbit comes hopping down the bunny trail, hiding eggs full of jellybeans and other goodies for the children to find. Pastel hues reign when it comes to dying hardboiled eggs, which is all well and good, but what if it just doesn’t go with your dank décor?

Game of Thrones Season 5 is also coming, though not until April 12. HBO is broadcasting the first episode in over 170 countries and territories around the world at 9 p.m. EDT next Sunday, which is also something to celebrate. So why not make some dragon eggs for the occasion — ones that will actually last a week?

There are lots of tutorials to help you recreate Daenerys Targaryen’s prize possession, some more involved than others. Take this one that wants you to use balloons, papier-mâché, glue, spray paint … It’s pretty involved. There’s another that ends up looking pretty badass, but it involves drawing and cutting things out. Luckily, for the non-craft-inclined, there’s also a super-quick video tutorial for a dragon egg that only requires three supplies.

You’ll need a Styrofoam egg, gold thumbtacks, and acrylic paint. Essentially, you stick the thumbtacks in the egg in an overlapping fashion to make the scales, then slap a dragon-appropriate color to paint (say, brown, tan, or green) over the tacks. Once it’s dry, you have an egg fit for a Khaleesi. And since it’s not made from an actual egg, it will still be fresh if you decide to have a Game of Thrones-watching party next week.

Now, unlike hard-boiled eggs, these aren’t edible. For that, you’ll have to make these dragon egg cookies, though we smell a Pinterest fail waiting to happen. At least you’ll have this Three-Eyed Raven beer to fall back on.

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