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Electrolux partners with Innit to streamline the meal-planning process

If the thought of cooking dinner is enough to induce a headache, then think no more. Instead, just let Electrolux and its new partner, Innit, do all the mental work behind your meal prep. All you’ll have to do is follow their instructions. On Tuesday, Innit — heralded as the world’d first connected food platform — partnered with kitchen appliance maker Electrolux to make meals a bit less troublesome. Thanks to the new collaboration, Innit will provide the brains behind Electrolux’s connected cooking experience, helping to create “personalized meal content with visual guidance,” allowing home chefs to control their appliances simply by tapping their smartphone screens.

“We are constantly seeking new ways to help consumers create great tasting food experiences.” said Dan Arler, CEO Major Appliances at Electrolux. “Our aim is to make the everyday cooking easier and more delightful for our consumers and Innit is the perfect partner to help us deliver. Together our technologies will help home cooks who struggle with time, ingredients and multitasking enjoy cooking more than ever before.”

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With Innit, you’ll be able to check out meal ideas based on dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences. Users can also customize components of the meal and experiment with various flavors and ingredients. You’ll then be able to register your Electrolux appliances with Innit, which will automatically tailor meals and recipe guidance to your appliance.

Once you’ve selected what you’d like to have for dinner, Innit will help you arrange the steps needed to create several dishes at once, helping to ensure that all aspects of a meal are ready simultaneously. You can have Innit send customized cooking instructions straight to an Electrolux connected oven, controlling temperature, timing, and other specifics so you don’t have to worry about setting a timer or the broiler. And of course, Innit can also be controlled via both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for a hands-free experience.

“We are very proud to partner with Electrolux to enhance the consumer experience and inspire people to cook with confidence every day,” said Innit founder Eugenio Minvielle. “Together with our partner ecosystem we are already helping many families eat and live better in the U.S. As our first partner in Europe, Electrolux is furthering this mission as we bring a new level of confidence, simplicity, and delight to kitchens around the world.”

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