There’s nothing chill about Keurig Kold’s price of $300

You can tell it’s summer when people start walking around with iced coffee instead of hot. Keurig Green Mountain wants to diversify into cold drinks, which is why they’ve created a new product to take on the heat.

Recently, the company announced that it will begin selling a new product called Keurig Kold by fall 2015, according to Fortune magazine. The device will not only generate caffeinated beverages like tea, but sports drinks and juices, too. It’s partnered with companies such as Coca-Cola to make sure their customers have plenty of options once the time comes. Just like with its coffee makers, the machine will use little packs, similar to pods, to mix up the beverages. The machine will cost between $299 and $369, depending on where you buy it.

What’s unique about the Kold is that it can make carbonated beverages without a CO2 canister, which will reduce maintenance and upkeep for users. The pods themselves contain “carbonation beads,” which may explain why they cost between a dollar and $1.29 each, according to The Boston Globe.

CEO Brian Kelly is convinced that consumers will see Keurig Kold as a new piece of technology and not just another caffeinated drink maker. It’s entering a market fairly dominated by SodaStream, which is set to release its own new machine soon that will carbonate everything from OJ to red wine.

The Keurig website states that preorders for the Keurig Kold will begin this summer. It also notes that the device will be able to cool drinks without the use of any ice, and it creates beverages up to eight ounces.

Recently, Keurig Green Mountain has faced an ample amount of backlash for the latest version of its coffee maker, the Keurig 2.0. The brewer uses DRM-like technology to try and thwart off-brand competitors. Now, the company is has backtracked, stating that it will bring back refillable K-Cups.