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Kutson is a new bed in a box you can customize at home

A good night’s sleep is an elusive goal in our digital day and age. Between high-stress jobs and the terrible blue light from phones, it’s little surprise that getting some shuteye isn’t always the easiest thing. We’re quick to blame these stress factors for our lack of sleep, but part of the problem might be a bit more basic: Your mattress isn’t up to snuff.

Enter Kutson, a new mattress company that promises to be the only bed in a box brand to offer at-home modification capabilities. That means that you don’t have to just accept your mattress as it is — you can make sure that it’s working as hard for you as you are for your boss.

Kutson spent four years testing hundreds of prototypes with potential customers, attempting to acquire as much information as possible about what sleepers really want from their mattresses. Featuring “dual side” technology and construction that boasts nine different comfort levels (which can be individually set on either side of the bed), the Kutson is hanging its hat on customization. The mattress depends upon a patent-pending modular design with full perimeter edge support, configurable layers, and a temperature-regulating comfort layer. All this to say that you can adjust the firmness of your foam mattress without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

Rather than relying on the “one size fits all” approach that many other online mattress companies have championed, Kutson hopes that its more personalized strategy will cut down on return rates. In fact, while many other bed-in-a-box producers see about 20 percent of their mattresses returned, Kutson is hoping for a return rate below 1 percent. That said, the company will still offer buyers a 100-night sleep trial so folks can be sure that they like what they’re buying. Of course, customers are said to be able to make adjustments to their mattress in just minutes, ensuring that each side of the bed is appropriate for its respective sleeper.

You can preorder a Kutson now from Indiegogo, with prices starting at $700. Delivery is anticipated for January 2018.

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