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Kwikset smart lock conversion kit holds the key to better home security

Kwikset has introduced new smart lock technology that the company hopes will allow more homeowners to use smart locks. The Z-Wave™ Smart Lock Conversion Kit will transform mechanical locks into smart, electronic locks, making it a viable option for those who want to install a smart lock without changing the exterior look of the front door.

The Conversion Kit simply replaces the interior side of the lock without touching the exterior side. This way, residents can enjoy the benefits and security of keyless entry without having to change the design of the door. The system can be utilized on not only the front main door, but also on side and rear doors where residents would like to have automation.

“Kwikset Convert will appeal to owners of both condominiums and vacation properties whose homeowners associations require all exterior locks to be uniform in appearance,” said Keith Brandon, divisional vice president of residential access solutions of Spectrum Brands, Inc.– Hardware & Home Improvement Division. “It will also be ideal for renters who aren’t allowed to change out their current locks.”

So how does the Conversion Kit enable keyless entry and smart lock security? It utilizes Z-Wave wireless protocol that allows users to control the lock from across town or across the world, as long as they have a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet. Users can remotely give delivery personnel, neighbors, or family members access to enter their home. They can also double-check to make sure the front door is locked, eliminating the need to ask your neighbor to check for you when you’re vacationing in another country.

One of the Kwikset Convert system’s critical features is the Z-Wave 500 Series chip, which allows for additional conveniences such as extended wireless range and wireless security features. The addition of this chip helps to reduce the vulnerability of the home during the enrollment process, and also works to extend the battery life of the system.

Kwikset Convert is currently available in Brass, Venetian Bronze, and Satin Nickel, allowing users to choose the design that best suits the home’s exterior aesthetic. The system is compatible with locks from Kwikset, Baldwin, Weiser, and Schlage.

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