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Lockly Flex Touch ditches the bulk in favor of a slimmer fingerprint smart lock

The key to a smart lock is ease of use. Everyone wants to be able to get into their homes more easily, especially while carrying an armload of groceries, but no one wants to sacrifice security for convenience. The new Lockly Flex Touch smart lock provides the best of both worlds with easy entry and installation while maintaining strong security due to its 3D biometric fingerprint reader.

The Flex Touch allows up to 99 different fingerprints to be stored on a single lock, so that all members of your household, your extended family, and probably all of your friends could have easy entry into the home if you wanted. That’s a lot of fingerprint storage. If you wanted to transmit all of these entries to another lock, you can do so through Lockly’s secure eDuplicate system.

The Flex Touch has a sleek, minimalistic design that makes it look like a standard deadbolt from outside the door. Even the design is a security measure; potential thieves wouldn’t expect a smart system based on the design of the lock. Most smart locks are adorned with bulky keypads on the outside and just as gargantuan housings on the inside over the latch, including Lockly’s past offerings despite their utility. The design of the Flex Tough ditches the previous design language, choosing instead something that’s substantially more compact.

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If you combine the Flex Touch with Lockly’s Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub (a separate purchase of $80),  you can control the Flex Touch through the Lockly app or through a voice assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. But of course, the fingerprint is there for the convenience — so there’s no need to fumble around your pockets to dig out the keys.

The Flex Touch locks most of its secondary features behind the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub. Access logs, smart control, and the rest of the features that make it more than a standard fingerprint lock are restricted by access to a hub. However, it does provide auto-locking capabilities by default. You never have to worry about remembering to lock your door.

The Lockly Flex Touch will be available in time for the holiday shopping season exclusively at Home Depot stores for $149.

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