The Logitech Circle camera is more for capturing moments than burglars

logitech circle home camera

What really goes on in your home when you’re not there? Is the dog behaving or are you missing a look inside her daily adventures? Logitech wants to show you with its “home camera,” the Circle.

Instead of billing it strictly as a security camera, Logitech is pitching the device as way to keep tabs on your house — and everyone inside — while you’re away. It shows you everything in a “Day Brief,” a 30-second highlight clip of everything it captured. These should be the best moments; according to Logitech, its “scene intuition” feature is smart enough to filter out false alarms (or “spam” footage, as the company calls it).

The camera also has two-talk capabilities, so you can scold your dog or say hello to your spouse (or the reverse!) from the Android or iOS app when you’re not home. Unlike a lot of security cameras, the Circle is portable; it lasts for three hours while streaming, allowing you to have a nice long chat with your out-of-town loved one.

Of course, you might want to be careful what you say, because that footage will live on for 24 hours on the cloud service. That means you can rewind and rewatch over the course of the day. If something significant happens, you can download the video. The camera also has night vision and zoom.

Many of these are features you would find on a security camera, but that doesn’t seem to be the true purpose of the Circle. (Sidenote: It’s kind of funny that this camera shares its name with the Dave Eggers book about an Internet company that over-surveils its employees.)

“The nature of today’s connected world is changing the way people interact with cameras in the home. Video surveillance is no longer just about security, it’s about staying connected with our homes and loved ones,” said Vincent Borel, director of new ventures at Logitech, in a statement.

For $200, you can preorder now and receive your camera sometime in October.