Google Home partners with Netflix to launch ‘Lost in Space’ family game

Your Google Home gives you the ability to control all your smart home devices. “OK Google, turn off the lights” — and, like magic, your words cause all the lights to go out. The Google Home can also answer all your questions about anything, whether you want to know the weather, you’re curious about movie times, or you just want to talk. As for Netflix, that is your one-stop shop for binge-watching all your favorite TV shows, old and new movies, and Netflix original series. Now, Google Home and Netflix have partnered together to create fun games that combine two of your favorite things.

On Friday, April 13, Google Home launched an interactive game celebrating Netflix’s Lost in Space — just in time for the show’s premiere. The reboot of the popular 1960s science-fiction show is powered by Google Assistant, and you can use your Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Google Home Max to provide navigational directions to the show’s characters, who are trying to find their way around a never-before-visited planet after making a crash landing.

In the family-friendly game, users can talk directly to the five members of the Robinson family. All you have to say is, “Hey Google, play the Lost in Space game,” and you will hear audio recordings spoken by the actual cast. You can give Maureen (the mom character) tips on how to escape from the spaceship, help Dad decode hidden messages, and aid Judy in her search for fuel. The Robinson family needs your assistance to get off this planet and return home! There are a variety of mini-games that last just five or six minutes, so you don’t need to set aside a lot of time to experience the world of Lost in Space. You can also play them again and again to experience different endings.

This isn’t the first time Google Home and Netflix have joined forces to create a fun game for fans of Netflix’s original shows. In 2017, Google Home and Netflix unveiled a Stranger Things game, which transforms your Home device into a walkie-talkie as you navigate the Upside Down alongside Dustin, one of the show’s primary characters.