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Molekule Air Mini+ is a pint-sized air purifier meant for smaller spaces

Better indoor air quality benefits everyone, but it can be hard to find space for a whole-home air purifier, especially if you live in a small apartment. Studio and one-bedroom apartment dwellers know that every bit of space is precious. Molekule may have the answer with the new Molekule Air Mini+, a pint-sized air purifier with big cleaning capabilities.

The Air Mini+ stands 12 inches high, 8.26 inches in diameter, and weighs in at just over seven pounds. It has five different fan speeds that can be set via the app and is intended for rooms up to 250 square feet in size. While not ideal for a huge living room, the Air Mini+ is perfect for cleaning the air in an office or bedroom. It’s particularly useful for people with allergies, as its small size makes it perfect for placement on a bedside table.

The Air Mini+ has a built-in particle sensor that measures the amount of particulate matter in the room, and can then automatically adjust the fan speed to a higher strength until the particulate matter decreases. If you don’t want to hear the fan ramping up, you can change the mode; the automatic adjustment only happens when the device is set to Auto Protect Mode.

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Like other Molekule devices, the Air Mini+ comes equipped with a PECO filter capable of catching and eliminating pollutants up to 1000 times smaller than what HEPA filter can. Pollutants and irritants like viruses and VOCs contribute to indoor air quality problems but are too small for a HEPA filter to stop. The PECO filter is able to stop some of these particulates from spreading.

The Air Mini+ builds on the foundation set by the previous Air Mini, but the added features represent improvements Molekule has made after listening to customer feedback. There are also small quality of life improvements, like the vegan leather carrying handle. The new Air Mini+ is available for purchase today on Molekule’s website and from Amazon for $499.

If you want to improve the air quality in your entire home, you will need to invest in a more powerful system–but the Molekule Air Mini+ is ideal for small spaces that need more focused air purification.

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