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Need a refill? Here are the 10 most useful Amazon Dash buttons

Amazon Dash Button
Brad Jones/Digital Trends
The Amazon Dash button is a simple, first-world concept: You push a button dedicated to your favorite Amazon product, and it wireless re-orders that product for you and ships it to you promptly. Combine that with an Amazon Prime subscription for faster shipping, and you have an interesting arrangement for ordering common supplies. Yes, it can be frivolous — but it can also be useful in the right circumstances, and Amazon is constantly adding more compatible products and even services, so let’s explore what the Amazon dash button is best at.

Note: Keep in mind that you can also program digital “buttons” on an Alexa device like the Echo Plus, and simply ask Alexa to order the specific product for you. As long as the order choice is connected to the proper Alexa account, this should also be an alternative for you.

Toilet paper

Amazon Charmin

This is one of the most common examples of using a Dash button — it can be hard to keep track of how much toilet paper is being used around the house, and disastrous if you suddenly run out. Keep a Dash button in your cupboard or pantry to order more, and you won’t need to worry about it.

Trash bags

Dash Button Hefty

Trash bags are another common supply that everyone seems to run out of at awkward moments (and one of the most common Dash button choices according to surveys). Find your favorite kitchen and outdoor trash bags on Amazon, and consider getting a button for at least one of them before you find yourself with an empty box again. Of course, this is most effective with the trash bags that you go through quickly, depending on your home habits.



Up to a certain age, babies go through diapers like the Cookie Monster through cookies. It’s just part of life. And while experience parents tend to double and triple-up on diaper orders to make sure they have enough, a Dash button can make diaper ordering a lot easier when you see that there aren’t quite as many left as you had hoped. This also pairs well with a trash bag button, for obvious reasons.

Pet food

Dash Button Wellness

Not everyone needs a button for ordering more pet supplies, but this can be particularly useful for certain owners. For example, owners that need special types of name-brand foods for medical conditions, or owners that go through treats quickly with a big, hungry pet family. Amazon covers many different pet food products including brands like Purina, so there is a good chance your go-to items will be available via the Dash button.

Nutrition on the go


Specifically, we are talking about protein shakes, Gatorade, energy bars, and other easy-access nutrition choices that you may grab in the morning or use regularly at the gym. These are some of the best food products to have a Dash button, since what you see is what you get –and people tend to go through these fairly quickly, especially in an active home where multiple people exercise or play sports.

Tea or coffee

Dash Button Peets

Amazon covers a wide variety of tea and coffee options for households that tend to go through their caffeine at a high rate. Once again, popular brands are already covered and more are on their way. This is also a good time to mention that Dash buttons may be particularly well-suited for your office if you regularly go through coffee, tea, paper cups, and other similar supplies. Don’t think that they are restricted to homes only when they may get the most use in commercial settings.



Amazon has a goldfish cracker button. Need we say more? Well, they cover a lot of other snack foods as well. This may not be as important as a diaper button or a trash bag button, but these snack buttons do make fun little gifts and can be a lifesaver in households with a lot of hungry kids or teens.

OTC Medicine

Dash Button Zyrtec

You may find that you run out of certain medications very quickly, such as allergy medicine during the worst seasons. Amazon provides button access to common allergy medicines and similar OTC that can give you relief when you need it.

Razor Blades

Gillette Razors

Razor blades and disposable razors occupy that strange headspace where you sort of keep track of them, but also dread running out or tossing out the old razor and seeing just how many you have left. Practice a little peace of mind, and think about getting a button for your razor necessities.


Dash Button Trojan

Look, even Amazon’s instant delivery isn’t that fast, so the button probably can’t help in a condom outage emergency. But if it looks like you are running low, you will be grateful for a button stored among your personals that allows you to immediately order more without worrying about it. That goes for other common erotic goods like lube, too.

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