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Amazon chops price on smart garage door opener remote for Alexa

Amazon slashed the price of Nexx Garage’s NXG-100b smart Wi-Fi remote control for existing garage door openers for one day as a daily deal. You can control the Nexx Garage door opener remote control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home or use the included mobile app. The MyQ Smart Garage Hub is also on sale and will work with Key by Amazon for Prime customers in select areas.

We’ve found the two best discounts on smart modules for existing garage door openers on Amazon. The Ness NXG-100b is a daily deal that expires at midnight Pacific time on April 26. The MyQ G0301 sale doesn’t have an end date, but that doesn’t mean it will be available for a long time — Amazon resets many prices at 12:01 a.m. PT every day. If you want to add a smart remote for your garage door opener to an existing smart home configuration or if this is the only smart product that interests you, these two deals can each help you save $30.

Nexx Garage NXG-100b Smart WiFi Remote Control for Existing Garage Opener — $30 off

Nexx Garage’s NXG-100b smart Wi-Fi connected smart remote control system for existing garage door openers connects to your door opener in your garage and your home Wi-Fi network. Be sure to check whether your garage door opener is on the list of compatible openers. The Nexx Garage list includes many openers other products may not list — my opener usually isn’t compatible with smart controls, but it’s on the list for the Nexx device.

Once it’s installed, you can connect remotely to the Nexx controller via a smartphone app to be sure the door is closed. If the door is open, you can close it via the app. You can also configure the app to send an alert any time the door is open. Nexx Garage is working on a hands-free and voice-free feature which will allow the controller to detect your car getting near your home so it will open automatically — this feature is still in beta, which means it’s not ready yet and it’s not a great idea to buy any product only on the basis of a beta.

If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart speakers in your home, however, you can use voice commands to open or close the garage for family, visitors, or delivery or service people. The Nexx NXG-100b is also If This Then That (IFTTT) compatible with smart home networks based on the IoT wireless standard.

Normally priced at $100, the Nexx Garage NXG-100b Smart Wi-Fi Remote Control for an existing garage door opener is just $70 during today’s sale. If you want to be able to check your garage door remotely and control it with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, this is a great opportunity, but the deal ends at midnight tonight Pacific time.

MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener MYQ-G0301 – Wireless and Wi-Fi-enabled Garage Hub with Smartphone Control — $30 off

According to Chamberlain’s website, the MyQ-G0301 is compatible with most garage door openers made after 1993. The quick way to check, according to Chamberlain, is to see if your door opener system has safety sensor eyes, the modules mounted near the ground inside the door on either side that detect objects that break a light beam and disable the opener. You can also check compatibility here.

You can monitor and control the MyQ opener control with a free smartphone app and configure alerts whenever the door opens or closes. You can add up to three people to control the garage door via their smartphones — a convenient feature for family members or guests.

The MyQ controller doesn’t work with Amazon Alexa, but it will work with Google Assistant and IFTTT with a $1 monthly or $10 annual subscription.

One of the MyQ-G0301’s distinguishing features is that, as long as you live in an area served by Key by Amazon, a garage delivery service specifically for Amazon Prime members, you can use the MyQ device to enable the service. Check here for a list of cities where Key by Amazon is available.

Regularly priced $80, the MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener Control is just $50 on sale, with no stated end date or time. If you’re shopping for a smart remote for your garage door opener to control with a smartphone or to use with Key by Amazon, in supported areas, take advantage of this exceptional price.

Updated April 30 with links to check Key by Amazon available cities and MyQ garage door opener compatibility.

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