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Pawport turns any ordinary pet door into a smart one

A pet door is a convenient way for your pet to come and go as it pleases, but pet doors also present security problems — not to mention the chance for bugs and other uninvited animals to come inside.

Pawport hopes to change that. This is a one-of-a-kind, app-controlled pet door that fits into existing pet door frames and transforms them into secure devices that intruders (both human and animal) can’t get through. Best of all, you won’t be spending a fortune on it.

It can be controlled and locked through a smartphone app, but your pet can also control it via a Bluetooth chip on their collar. The chip will cause the door to open when your pet approaches, but don’t worry — you can set specified curfew periods when your pet cannot go outside. Pawport keeps track of when and how often your pet goes outside so you know what your four-legged friend is up to during the day.

Once installed, Pawport provides an airtight seal that helps keep utility costs down and insects out. The door comes in several different designs that fit with almost any home aesthetic, and the three sizes ensure a fit with almost any pet door frame. The LEDs around the door function as a sort of night light and can be controlled through the app. The four-piece tunnel system used in the installation allows you to create a pet door through a wall, as well as through an existing door in your home.

Pawport, as well as the waterproof collar that controls it, is powered through rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that go for weeks on a single charge. Don’t worry — if the batteries are charging and you need to open the door, Pawport can be controlled through simple manual controls on top of the door frame.

The idea behind Pawport is that pet doors should not only be secure, but also stylish and safe. The device is starting a 60-day run on Kickstarter with an early-bird price of $349 and an estimated retail price of $499. Just be mindful that a pledge isn’t a guarantee you’ll receive a product. If you’ve been looking for a way to give your pet more freedom while also keeping your home safer than a traditional pet door can, Pawport is worth considering.

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