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Ooma unveils an A.I.-powered smart security camera to keep you safe

You may not see the purpose in an artificially intelligent refrigerator or a smart washing machine. You, after all, are a sentient adult, fully capable of determining for yourself what fresh produce you need or how much detergent to put in your clothes (we assume). But we can all agree that when it comes to your security, having a bit of extra intelligence is never a bad thing.

Here to bring AI into your life in a useful way is Ooma, whose new Ooma Home security solution now boasts a smart video camera with AI for facial and audio recognition. And thanks to new geofencing capabilities, Ooma Home can also automatically arm and disarm the security system, and customers can set a customized radius as dictated by their unique needs.

Known as the Butterfleye, Ooma’s new AI-powered video camera is a wireless security cam that can detect and identify people, pets, and sounds. Even if the internet or power goes out, this security camera promises to keep on working, and features “advanced battery technology,” as well as 16 gigabytes of internal storage and onboard image processing.

Additionally, Ooma is also showing off a siren and smoke detector at CES. The siren boasts a 100dB alarm, whereas the smoke detector works alongside other Ooma Home tools to tip homeowners off to any smoke detection whether they’re at home or elsewhere. Plus, the company has integrated with the VTech garage door sensor in order to let homeowners know if they’ve accidentally forgotten to close their garage door.

“Ooma continues to push the innovation envelope in the smart home category by enabling new services like Ooma Home, the most complete and affordable DIY home security solution for protecting family and property,” says Eric Stang, CEO of Ooma. “By adding a smart video camera, geofencing and additional wireless sensors, integrated with our unique Remote 911 emergency communications, we’re providing safety, security and peace of mind to families throughout North America.”

The full Ooma Home security suite now includes motion, water, door, and window sensors, as well as a Remote 911 call feature that will connect homeowners with local authorities no matter where they are in the world. In the U.S., the Butterfleye video camera will set you back $200, while the smoke detector will cost $60 and the siren $40. These newest products will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2018.

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