People People’s transparent, assemble-yourself speakers offer a different look to audio

As any audiophile can tell you, blending speakers with your decor can be something of a hassle. Many speakers that look nice don’t have the audio quality that you desire, and many that hit that sweet sound spot don’t exactly come with the most aesthetically appealing design.

Swedish design company People People took that challenge to heart when the team there designed the simply named Transparent Speaker. The speaker components are encased in glass and a minimal black frame that seems to blend into various environments.

At the moment, People People doesn’t have any information regarding the actual size of the Transparent Speaker or the drivers, but we do know it comes with a Wi-Fi antenna that can be plugged into a computer, smartphone or music player.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Transparent Speaker, beyond the transparency of course, is the way that People People plans on shipping its product. The company will send the speakers in small, flat packages that can, supposedly, fit in a normal mailbox (you can see an example of the box in the gallery above). The glass for the speaker would be ordered via a glass repair shop that is close to the customer. According to People People, “In that way the speaker reduces shipping with up to 90%, and supports local handicraft in one go.”

Being Swedish, the speaker is assembled at home, Ikea style. It’s probably nice that individual parts can be easily replaced, from the glass to the speaker cone and rubber rings. 

It’s an interesting assembly that might be worth keeping an eye on.