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Pillow Guy wants to make straightforward, comfortable bedding for men

Pillow Guy - Luxury Bedding Made Easy For Guys
Men, we either have good news for you, or something of an insult. Apparently, one company thinks the practice of buying bedding is just too difficult for some guys, and as such, there is now a product line made just for folks with both an x and a y chromosome. It comes from the mind of the Pillow Guy, otherwise known as Isaac Scharf. Because allegedly, you guys need help when it comes to buying pillows and sheets.

Predicated on the notion that male customers don’t entirely understand thread counts, fabrics, and other differentiating factors of high-quality bedding, Pillow Guy sheets look to be as straightforward as possible without sacrificing quality. As the team notes on its Indiegogo page, “When most people (especially men) buy bedding, it’s either the cheapest thing they can find at a big box store OR something with a ‘really high thread count.'” So to break things down to basics for these guys, the Pillow Guy instead sought to “develop a line of bedding geared toward the discerning man (and woman) who is more interested in quality than trendiness.” Because apparently thread counts are trendy these days.

In any case, the methodology actually does seem to cut down on the confusion that might otherwise accompany picking the right bedding. When you’re buying sheets and such from Pillow Guy, you’ll be asked three questions: do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach; do you like your sheets cool and crisp or soft and smooth; and finally, do you prefer natural goose down stuffing or poly gel fiber stuffing? Once you’ve provided those answers, you’ll be directed to the right set for you.

Sheets are made either of high-quality cotton or Tencel (which is harvested from eucalyptus trees), depending on whether you prefer cool and crisp or soft and smooth. Your stuffing preference informs the type of pillow Pillow Guy recommends (after all, that’s their bread and butter). Five colors are available to choose from, all neutral enough for either gender, and you can pre-order an entire set of bedding from Pillow Guy’s Indiegogo campaign for $397. Shipping is expected in December 2017. So if your New Year’s resolution is to sleep better, you may be able to start working on that with your sheets.

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