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Walmart discounted this cordless vacuum from $300 to $80

The PrettyCare W200 cordless vacuum on a white background.

If you think you need a cordless vacuum for your home but Dyson deals are still too expensive, here’s an offer from Walmart that you wouldn’t want to miss. The PrettyCare W200 cordless vacuum, which usually costs $300, is down to a very affordable $80 for massive savings of $220. This cleaning machine is pretty popular, as shown by its average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars following more than 23,000 reviews, so there’s no telling how much time is remaining before the bargain gets taken down. If you want to take advantage of it, proceed with the purchase right now.

Why you should buy the PrettyCare W200 cordless vacuum

Buying a cordless vacuum is one of the easiest ways to get help in keeping your home clean, and you can’t go wrong with the PrettyCare W200 cordless vacuum. It’s got 20,000Pa of suction that will pick up dirt, debris, pet hair, and anything else that you want it to, throughout its runtime of up to 35 minutes at 11,000Pa and up to 20 minutes at 20,000Pa. The cordless vacuum also features an excellent filter system to make sure that the air inside your house remains fresh as you clean up all the rooms.

The PrettyCare W200 cordless vacuum is very light at just 3.3 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around the whole house. It also comes with a 180-degree rotatable floor brush that will help you reach corners under furniture, and a motorized brush with an LED light so that you can see everything that needs picking up in the darker parts of the home. Once you’re done, a one-click system quickly dumps the contents of its 1.2-liter dust cup into your trash can, keeping your hands free from getting dirty.

If you didn’t think there are cordless vacuum deals less than $100 that are worth buying, Walmart will prove you wrong with its offer for the PrettyCare W200 cordless vacuum. From its original price of $300, the cleaning device is all the way down to an extremely cheap $80. There’s probably not much time left before you miss out on this chance at $220 in savings though, so you better hurry in completing the transaction. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

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