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Quip: The last electric toothbrush you’ll ever need

Dentists recommend that you change your toothbrush every three months, but actually remembering to do it is easier said than done. It’s just so easy to forget about, and those little blue bristles that lose their color over time aren’t exactly the best reminder.

But not to worry; there’s a fresh new startup on the rise that aims to fix the problem with a simple, subscription-based business model. Once you’re all set up, Quip will send you a replacement brush every three months, so you never have to think about it again.

But these aren’t your average toothbrushes either. At signup you can opt for the plain ol’ manual model ($20), or dish out 40 bucks and get the fancy model — a pulsating electric toothbrush that sports a built-in, two-minute timer. Once you’ve paid the upfront cost to get the brush handle, it’s only 5 bucks every three months for brush-head replacements. Throw in another $5, and they’ll even send you replacement toothpaste.

It’s certainly not the first startup that’s taken a stab at reinventing the toothbrush, but Quip is arguably the most practical of the bunch. You won’t find any flashy features on the brush — no wireless connectivity, social media integration, or other high-tech features that make oral care more complicated than it needs to be. Just a timer to make sure you brush long enough and a subscription that ensures you’ve got a new brush every three months.

Keep an eye on this company; it’s going places.

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