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How does Ring Live View work?

Ring Video Doorbells, like the Ring Video Doorbell 3, are popular choices when it comes to do-it-yourself home security. While you likely already know these cameras can record what’s happening around your home 24/7, what you may not realize is that they also afford you a live, up-to-the-minute view of what’s going on at your property any time — day or night.

What is Ring Live View?

Mounted Ring video doorbell ready to work.

The Ring Live View feature allows you to open a live video and audio portal at any time to peek at your property. Whether it’s to check on the kids, see if a windstorm damaged your house while you’re on vacation, or monitor work happening in the yard, Live View can be a convenient way to keep tabs.

How does Ring Live View work?

Ring Live View works by opening a video link to your Ring Video Doorbell, or one of Ring’s many wireless cameras. It uses the designated Wi-Fi selected during the initial setup of your Ring device and the Ring app to establish a steady video stream so you can see what’s happening.

How can I access Ring Live View?

See the Ring doorbell live view on the app.

To access Live View, just open the Ring app and tap on one of your cameras. You can scroll through previous events, or click on the Tap to Go Live thumbnail. The live shot will open and you can view it in the app or open it up full screen. To close it, click End Live.

What else can I do with Ring Live View?

Depending on which Ring device you own, there are some additional things you can do while using Live View.

  • Listen in: You can listen in on what’s going on at your property by tapping the speaker button.
  • Two-way talk: You can speak to whoever’s at your place by choosing the microphone button and talking.
  • Set off a siren: If you need to scare off a person or animal, you can set off the device alarm. Click the Siren button, which looks a bit like an exclamation mark. and confirm activation on the pop-up window.
  • Turn on Ring lights: If you have Ring smart lights around your property linked to your camera, you can also choose to turn on the lights.

How long does Ring Live View last?

Unfortunately for some folks who may have been hoping to use Ring cameras as a baby monitor, there is a limit on how long you can access the live feed. As of the posting, it’s about 10 minutes.

Do I have to pay for Ring Live View?

Ring Live View is accessible to anyone with a Ring camera and an account. Fortunately, and unlike many other Ring services and options, you do not need to pay for it; it comes standard on all Ring cameras and doorbells.

Why is Live View taking so long to load?

If you’re having trouble accessing Live View fast enough, Ring has created a fix, but it does involve using another app. Download the Rapid Ring app. It works with your regular Ring app, but enables you to get notifications faster and respond faster.

Why is my Ring Live View not working?

If you’re having trouble with accessing your Ring Live View, it might be for a few reasons: Your Wi-Fi could be down, or your power could be off. If you’re using solar, perhaps some cloudy days have depleted the camera’s internal battery. Check the Device Health inside the Ring app for clues. Still having trouble? Your Ring app may be out of date and need updating, or your phone may be using a different Wi-Fi network than the camera. Less commonly, you may need to do a reset on the camera to knock it back into proper function.

Being able to take a quick look at your home from your distant office or even from across the country can be helpful in so many ways. Whether you just want to see what the weather’s like at home, or you need to keep watch for something, Ring Live View is a powerful tool.

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