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Want a modern-day moat? Stick Up Cam creates a security ring around your home

Ring's Stick Up Cam gives an extra boost of security to your video doorbell

Medieval castle owners may have had the right idea when they built moats around their homes to make them less accessible to unwanted visitors. Fortunately, technology has come far enough that we don’t necessarily need to dig up our lawns. Launched by Ring at CES 2016, Stick Up Cam works with the company’s Video Doorbell to provide a “ring of security.”

With the outdoor security camera’s two-way audio, cloud HD video recording with night vision, and motion detection, homeowners can monitor their homes and even interact with those who enter their property using a compatible mobile device. Many burglars ring doorbells to see if anyone is home before carrying out their crimes, according to Ring. Stick Up Cam, by working with the video doorbell, allows users to answer their door and give the impression of being home, even when they’re not on the premises.

“Stick Up Cam has gone beyond traditional security cameras as the only totally wire-free, outdoor security camera with two-way talk and HD video capabilities,” said Jamie Siminoff, inventor and CEO of Ring, in a related press release. “We are confident this product will further our mission and continue to enhance our customers’ experience.”

The camera comes with an installation kit, including the mounting brackets that are used to hang the device around the perimeter of the home. It measures 4.98 by 2.43 by 0.87 inches, is powered by a 5,200 mAh internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and is wire-free. Users can control the device through the Ring app, which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 desktop devices. The app also controls Video Doorbell.

Priced at $199, Stick Up Cam is available now on Ring’s website, with orders shipping in two to three weeks.

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