Ring Video Doorbell’s Chime alerts you to visitors the old-fashioned way

ring video doorbell adds chime to alert you visitors

Tired of getting off the couch to see who’s visiting you when the doorbell rings? That’s the beauty of a video doorbell: You can find out who’s on the stoop before you leave the comfort of the cushion. The Ring Video Doorbell lets you see who’s at the front door with your smartphone and its camera. But there’s just one problem: The Ring doesn’t actually sound like a doorbell. Instead, it relies purely on your smartphone to alert you to visitors.

This June, the company will release Chime to complement the Ring Video Doorbell. Chime is a speaker designed to make a sound when you have a visitor, even when your phone is in another room. All it needs is a connection to your Wi-Fi network and an outlet. Taking a nap? You can disable it whenever you prefer not to be disturbed.

With a wide-angle HD camera, the Ring Video Doorbell gives you a clear view of the person standing at your door. It also has motion-detecting sensors to trigger mobile alerts whenever anyone is near the device. Two-way speakers and a built-in microphone allow you to chat with anyone at the door without having to stop what you’re doing.

However, the true benefit of this little device may be the extra security it provides to homeowners. Even when you’re away from your house, you can access the Ring Video Doorbell and its video stream through the app. If you really want to see what’s going on while you’re out, the Cloud Recording feature lets you film your surroundings when the motion sensors detect activity. Afterward, you can instantly review the footage or share it with others.

With an order of a Ring Video Doorbell (which starts at $199), you can preorder Chime for a discounted price of $20. At the moment, the device’s Cloud Recording service is free, but it will increase to $3 per month or $30 per year beginning June 2015.