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Satisfy your wanderlust with Roam, which lets you live anywhere a week at a time

Is wanderlust in your blood? Roam, an international network of interchangeable, design-led communal living spaces, may be able to help with those cravings. The service is planning on expanding its reach to even more locations around the world, and so you really don’t have an excuse to stay in one place any longer.

The company, founded by Bruno Haid in 2015, promises new horizons for modern travelers by allowing them to forgo traditional leases in favor of the option to sign a single weekly lease in locations throughout the world. For $500 a week, you can hop from Ubud to Miami to Madrid, with more cities on the way.

“Roam is creating a way for people to live according to their interests and curiosities, rather than around the traditional 30 ­year fixed rate mortgage.” says Bruno Haid, co-­founder of Roam. At a time when millennials are traveling more than ever, it’s no wonder that being freed from the confines of a year-long lease (or longer term mortgage) is a welcome change.

Thanks to a new $3.3 million seed-funding round, Roam will be able to expand, and plans to open new locations in Buenos Aires and London this year. “Roam has tremendous potential to innovate in global housing at a time when local infrastructure is limiting the evolution of housing and a generation of people are seeking global experiences more than ever before,” said Annie Kadavy, the lead investor from venture capital firm CRV.

This is no couch-surfing company, though. Roam claims that it develops a “sense of community and close ties to local communities” across its locations by way of organized activities and events, local language classes, and a strong support network of local creatives and professionals. The platform allows travelers to book private suites on a weekly basis, and each facility comes complete with coworking spaces (so you can work and play at the same time), Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and access to on-­site locally operated coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Better still, Roam says, most their housing options include a shared pool, media room, library, and space to host events.

So if you’re looking to get out of the ordinary and live life a week at a time, you might want to check out the housing options afforded by Roam. After all, it’s the company that wants you to sign one lease and then live around the world.

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