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The Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is a HomeKit-compatible smart plug

In the smart home game, Amazon Alexa and Google Home are the kings in the castle. While Apple HomeKit has a presence, the Siri-based system rarely gets the attention that the other two do. This has left many HomeKit fans in the dark, sometimes both figuratively and literally. Satechi gives the system some much-deserved attention with the HomeKit-compatible Dual Smart Outlet.

The Dual Smart Outlet needs only a single wall port and doubles the capacity of that port, giving users individual control over both of its outlets. It does this without blocking the wall outlet beside it, avoiding the common problem of bulk in smart plugs. One interesting feature of the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is real-time energy monitoring. You can set up the plug to automatically turn appliances off after a certain amount of time or if they begin to draw too much power.

The energy monitoring also gives you the ability to check your overall power usage from any devices plugged into the outlet. It’s a great way to watch for phantom power draw — electricity usage when the device is otherwise turned off.

The Dual Smart Outlet works seamlessly with Siri. You can set up routines based on specific command phrases like “Good morning” and “Goodnight.” For example, by saying “Hey Siri, goodnight,” the Dual Smart Outlet can shut off power and activate a timer to resupply power to your lights eight hours later — right when you would wake up the next morning.

The smart plug works over Wi-Fi and works with almost all coffee makers, fans, speakers, TVs, and more. Smart plugs are an easy way to add a bit of automation to “dumb” appliances, but they serve another function: Peace of mind. Smart plugs are perfect for plugging space heaters, curling irons, and other potentially dangerous items into. Because they are Wi-Fi controlled, you will never again have to rush home to check if you turned it off. Just ask Siri to shut off the power or set a timer to make sure it turns off after half an hour.

The Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is available for purchase on Amazon now for $60. If you’re a fan of using HomeKit to control your smart home, the Satechi seems like a welcome addition to a somewhat limited lineup.

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