The Mother hub now sounds like running water when you need to take a drink

sen se drink app tracks water mother cookie sensor bottle’s Mother has always been a little nosy. The Russian-nesting-doll-like hub uses her Motion Cookies, little pill-shaped sensors you can stick almost anywhere, to keep tabs on your fitness, your prescription pill intake, and your hygiene habits. Now the little helper wants to make sure you’re staying hydrated, too.

Acting as a hub, Mother’s capabilities include both wellness and smart-home-type solutions, like acting as a sleep sensor or noting when the door opens. If you stick a sensor to a pill bottle, the Mother should be able to keep tabs on whether you’re taking your daily vitamin or if your roommate is stealing your painkillers.’s new app brings a similar functionality to water intake. Appropriately named Drink, the app works with a Cookie to monitor how much H2O you’re imbibing.

sensemother_home1Stick a Cookie to your favorite water bottle, and the app analyzes the amount of water you’re drinking based on its movements. If the bottle is idle for too long, you’ll get a text telling you to take a swig. The Mother hub itself can also offer the sound of running water, though that may send some susceptible souls to the nearest bathroom. And so long as you consumed enough water during the day, your Mother won’t nag you.

A recent Kickstarter for HidrateMe, a water bottle that glows when you need to quench your thirst, recently raised over $600,000, so there’s clearly a market for something that reminds you to drink water. The Drink app has an advantage over the $45 glowing bottle in that it works with the Cookies Mother users already own, and it’s available now. The HidrateMe won’t start shipping until January 2016.

In either case, we can see college kids hijacking technology into a drinking game.