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'Dungeons and Dragons' dream: 'Super-Fan Builds' makes the best gaming table

Ultimate D&D Gaming Table - Super-Fan Builds
Super-Fan Builds has been making the dreams of nerds all over America come true for a while now, but never has it stepped into the world of fantasy as it has with this latest episode, where the hosts help out veteran Dungeons and Dragons player Robert. To give Robert the best role-playing experience possible, SFB built him a one-of-a-kind gaming table.

Gaming tables exist in the real world of course. There are home builds and a few commercial options out there, but unless you are a dab hand with all sorts of craft tools and have a lot of time, or you have deep pockets, getting yourself one is not easy. And when you consider the level of detail and customization that went into the SFB creation, it’s fair to say that the end result is unique in gaming.

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Using the talents of veteran movie prop builder Fon Davis and his creative services company Fonco Studios, the table that they set out to make was ambitious. It features dragons and giants for table legs, a built-in monitor for easy map and terrain updating, and felt-lined dice trays, and it can of course function as a standard dining table too.

The whole set-up comes with tablets for all gamers, as well as goblet holders and plenty of styling references to the game itself, and to fantasy games in general. There are designations for players and for the Dungeon Master, cut into the wood, as well as special D&D sigils and power points for charging phones and the built-in tablets.

Better yet, the table comes with six bespoke chairs, complete with the Dungeons and Dragon logo on the cushions.

It’s a 21st century RPG gaming table that should be up right up the street of any Dungeon Master — Robert is one lucky individual.

Is this the best Super-Fan Build yet? Some of us certainly think so. Let us know which of the projects created so far you would like to have in your home.

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