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We're gonna need a bigger pool: Check out 'Sharknado' water slide by Super-Fan Builds

What’s better than seeing sharks being chain-sawed in half midflight in the middle of a natural disaster? Sliding through a shark’s body into your very own pool. After spending a lot of time improving people’s water-based pursuits in recent episodes, Super-Fan Builds has struck again, this time giving a Sharknado fan the perfect centerpiece for her backyard pool.

Super-Fan Builds chooses megafans from all over the U.S. and gifts them with a one-of-a-kind, custom-made piece of fandom related to their favorite movie, game, or other IP. Each time it takes on the task, it brings in professionals, and this time around, it’s Shane Hammond, head of Set Masters and a movie prop-making veteran.

In this episode, Hammond and his team have to put together a giant shark slide to satisfy the needs of a self-confessed Sharknado megafan.

Super-Fan Builds on go90 | Sharknado Waterslide

Much like a number of similarly practical-minded shows, Super-Fan Builds walks viewers through the entire construction process, showing the bending of the metal, the printing of the graphics and, most of all, the construction of the giant shark head that acts as the centerpiece of the slide.

As you might expect, all of it goes down rather well with the surprised superfan, who now has a much more thematic way to get in her pool. There’s also a ton of references to the movies, so there’s plenty of layers for the biggest of fans to dissect and spot.

Unlike the last few episodes of Super-Fan Builds, we can’t link you directly to this one, as you need to use the Go90 app to watch it and all episodes moving forward. It’s available for free there, but only if you live in the U.S. — sorry international viewers, this Sharknado is just for the Americans.

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