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Swann adds voice for Google Assistant in multi-camera security systems

If you’ve ever thought about saying, “Hey Google, show me the front door” while you’re watching a horror motive, the security company Swann has some good news for you. While there are plenty of wireless cameras playing around with voice integration for a single camera, Swann is determined to be the first company to launch Google Assistant voice control across its multi-camera wired surveillance systems.

Basically, the new feature allows users of Swann’s complex security camera platforms to see live video from home security cameras on their television or mobile devices. The innovation offers Swann customers who have adopted Google as their smart home technology platform a new layer of convenience to see live footage from their homes or businesses at any time with a single voice command.

“The team at Swann is excited to make home security easier for customers to integrate into their daily lives,” said Mike Lucas, CEO of Swann in a statement. “As consumers continue to add technology to their home, ease of use will be critical to ensuring a successful user experience.”

Swann has been something of a pioneer in the security sector for the smart home technology market, launching smart security systems, video doorbells, alarms, and accessories to the retail market at a rapid pace. To get started with the new Google Assistant features, users simply download Swann’s HomeSafe View app onto their mobile devices and pair it with Google Assistant. Then, voice commands can elicit responses from Google Assistant via the Google Assistant app or the Google Home speaker. From there, the user’s Google Chromecast can recognize the commands and stream video from the wired security cameras to a smart television.

“Voice assistant integration is a top technology trend of 2018 across a variety of consumer electronics which include home security,” said Alex Talevski, chief technology officer at Swann in a release. “While some wireless cameras have incorporated voice integrations, Swann is the first to bring this technology to wired multi-camera systems where we lead the market. Wired systems remain more robust and secure compared to their wireless counterparts and can offer users a view of multiple cameras on their TV with a simple voice command.”

Swann has a point about the security of wired systems versus wireless or broadband security systems. In a weird glitch earlier this year, a wireless Swann security camera transmitted footage from inside a home to a British woman; the problem was — it just wasn’t her home. Swann subsequently contacted Digital Trends to acknowledge the incident and take corrective action.

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