Upgrade your boring old light switches with these flossy knurled brass knobs

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Still rocking those tired old plastic flippers to control your lights? Well it’s time to step up your light switch game and give your walls some flavor. The guys at Buster & Punch (makers of this uber-flossy liquor cabinet, among other things) have recently pulled the curtain back on their new Electricity collection — a set of knurled metal switches that are as unconventional as they are gorgeous.

We’ve seen some pretty incredible light switches in the past –including ones that dim without a dimmer, and ones that activate at the wave of a hand— but these put them all to shame. Their industrial, steampunk-ish styling probably won’t work in every space, but even if they won’t fit your home’s decor, you’ve got to admit they look pretty damn snazzy.

buster and punch switchMade from solid Marine Grade Steel, each of the individual switches and dimmers feature diamond-cut knurling on the controls themselves, as well as signature oversized screws that only add to the industrial feel. Available in brass, steel, bronze, black, white, and several combinations thereof; the switches also come in two different styles — either twist- or toggle-activated.

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This kind of style doesn’t come cheap though. If you want to get your paws on a set of these fancy flippers, you can expect to shell out anywhere from $50 to $82 bucks a pop, depending on which style you spring for. That’s definitely a hell of a lot more than what you’d pay for a normal wall switch, but that’s not terribly surprising. Since when has luxury ever come cheap?