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Get affordable smart lighting coverage for your entire home, thanks to Vont

Vont smart bulb with Alexa voice control support.

One promising use case of smart home technology is to replace the age-old lightbulb, allowing you to control your home lighting in new and interesting ways. For example, you can use an assistant to turn on, or off, lights with voice commands. You can also do it from a smartphone app, or create schedules so it happens automatically. But outfitting your entire home with smart lights, or smart bulbs rather can be incredibly expensive. At least, that has been the case for a while, until now.

Vont not only provides ultra-useful smart bulb packs for your home, but also they’re affordable. You can grab two brand new A19, or E26, color bulbs for $15 with same-day shipping. A bigger four-pack is just $25. You can check those out right now, below, or keep reading to learn more about what the Vont bulbs have to offer you and your home.

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Each bulb is beyond bright, at 810 Lumens, which produces enough illumination for even the largest of rooms. A single bulb can last for 20,000-hours of use, and there are over 16 million colors to choose from — you can match any mood, occasion, or room decor. As they are LED, and only use 9-Watts, they’re way more efficient than your average bulb, saving up to 80% in traditional energy costs.

Vont A19 smart bulb with mobile app controls.

The bulbs have a rated lifespan of over 2 years, with a Lifetime Warranty against loss, theft, and manufacturing defects. But while all of that sounds fantastic, what’s more relevant is what these bulbs can do. What kind of conveniences will they offer you and your family?

They’re WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0-ready, and can be controlled, or configured, entirely through the Vont mobile app. They’re dimmable, you can set them to operate on a particular schedule, and even sync them to music that’s playing. Moreover, they’re compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and once connected, you can control your lights with your voice alone, or dim them! Imagine setting a colorful scene to match the movies you’re watching, or creating a beautiful green and red set up during the holidays? Heck, you could even set up a dance party for your kids, synching the bulbs to your favorite playlist.

They’re simple and easy to install because they work like any other lightbulb. Just screw them in, connect them to your local WiFi, and that’s it. No more fumbling around in the dark for the light switch.

They are on sale right now, so it’s the perfect time to grab a couple, or more, depending on how much of your house you want to illuminate. A single bulb is $7, two bulbs are $15, and a four-pack is available for $25. Of course, the app is free. What are you waiting for? It’s time to let Alexa or Google Assistant take care of the light works.

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