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Take advantage of big savings on Lorex smart home security systems thanks to this sale

One of the best things about having a home security system with reliable surveillance is that you can check on your home, and if something does happen, you have a recording of the events. That may not seem like much consolation in the face of bad news like a burglary, but footage can make a huge difference during an investigation — not to mention the fact that you get peace of mind knowing your home is always protected. Of course, the downside is that home security systems tend to be expensive, especially comprehensive ones. What if we told you that right now, you have the opportunity to get some amazing deals on Lorex security systems thanks to a sale that’s going on?

That’s right, you can save up to 45% off select home security systems from Lorex, including IP systems with up to 32 cameras, analog DVR systems with up to eight cameras, wire-free security systems, and even the Lorex Smart Home Security Center with bundles. We couldn’t possibly cover every system that’s on sale as part of this event, so we recommend taking a peek for yourself if you’re interested. You can also keep reading to learn a little more about what Lorex has to offer.

What’s the difference between each of the Lorex security systems?

Lorex 2K Pan-Tilt Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera mounted on stone wall.

While we can’t cover every system that’s on sale — there are a lot — we can at least talk about the differences between them. For example, the wire-free and Lorex Smart Home Security Center bundles are truly smart-home-enabled offerings, and they’re a cinch to install because there are no wires to run. Meanwhile, the IP and analog bundles include more traditional security options, with a bevy of cameras, a DVR recording base, and more. The NVR system included with the IP security bundles actually allows you to access your feeds and footage from the cloud.

Depending on how big your home or property is, you’re probably not going to need one of the more substantial systems with 32 cameras, because that would be overkill. But if you own a business or need coverage for a large property, or something like a warehouse, those larger bundles with more cameras are going to come in handy. It’s also worth noting that nearly all of the smart home security solutions are wire-free and easy to install, while some of the more traditional offerings require you to at least run an Ethernet cable.

Lorex Smart Home Security Center bundles

Lorex Smart Home Security Center with Two 1080p Cameras product image.

Designed to be a 2K-resolution wire-free security system, that pairs with two to four cameras, the Smart Home Security Center serves as a hub that you can use to watch feeds, check and address notifications, and much more. The entire system, working in tandem with the cameras, offers built-in person detection to tell you when someone is in or lurking around your home, with smart deterrence that activates an LED warning light on select devices to scare off would-be intruders. The system syncs with wire-free cameras and a smart doorbell, for example, to activate those smart deterrence alerts.

The system has a touchscreen panel for easy navigation, with local security grade storage — via microSD — a built-in Lorex smart assistant, and remote access through mobile apps. Of course, you can also use Google Assistant or Alexa, as well as Chromecast and Fire TV Stick to monitor your footage from a larger TV screen.

The Smart Home Security Center is best used for residential homes and properties, and considering the features it offers, it makes a lot of sense why. It’s also limited to about four cameras, which doesn’t offer enough coverage for large properties. As part of the Lorex sale, you can expect to save up to 35% on these bundles.

Lorex wire-free security systems

Lorex Wire-Free 2K camera security systems for home protection.

Similar to what you’d get with the Smart Home Security Center bundles above, the Lorex Wire-Free options come with two to six cameras total, but the idea here is that there’s no hub, no central DVR system, and as the name implies, absolutely no wires. You can place the security cameras pretty much wherever you want, and then check in live and remotely via your mobile device.

There are some bundles with indoor-friendly cameras, some with outdoor cameras, and some with pan-tilt cameras — it just depends on what you’re looking for. There’s also a bundle with a smart .

The Lorex wire-free systems also work best for residential homes and properties, but you could also use them for a small business if you don’t need as much coverage, especially since you can order up to six cameras in a set. As part of the Lorex sale, you can expect to save up to 27% on these bundles.

Lorex IP (NVR) security system bundles

Lorex 4K 16 Channel 3TB Wired DVR with 12 Active Deterrence Cameras for home security.

This is the bundle you want if you need coverage for a large area, and want to distribute a lot of cameras. Bundles start with as few as four cameras, going up to 32 total, with the respective channel offerings to match — such as the 4K (8MP) IP Cameras" data-pid="" >.

The NVR system connects your security feeds to the cloud, accessible through the Lorex mobile app. So, you can use your iPhone, iPad, or Android phones and tablets to check on your property, interact with the system, and more. Unique modes, like privacy masking and regional motion zones, allow you to customize coverage. The privacy masking will block out or create a dead zone for the cameras where you designate — this means anything recorded in that space won’t be preserved in storage. It works great to exclude neighbors or nearby properties. But there’s so much more to these systems, too. The cameras record in 4K resolution with incredible video clarity, are weatherproof and safe for outdoor use, and easy to install thanks to a single Cat5e Ethernet cable.

As part of the Lorex sale, you can expect to save up to 30% on these bundles.

More Lorex home security system deals

Lorex 1080p Wi-Fi Floodlight Camera installed above garage.

There are some other collections on sale too:

  • Lorex Analog (DVR) Security Systems —
  • The Fusion Collection —

Whichever collection or bundle you choose, there’s a lot to be said about the protection and coverage they offer. Securing your home doesn’t have to break the bank, and Lorex is proving that with its massive selection of deals, but they won’t last long.

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