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Want KFC? Now you can get it delivered

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The next time you want to spend Sunday in bed eating fried chicken (anyone? anyone?), rest easy knowing that you won’t even have to walk out your front door to make that happen. Thanks to what can only be described as the most important food-related partnership of the year, DoorDash has teamed up with Colonel Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken to bring your perfect golden-brown bird straight from the fryer to your foyer. But be warned — convenience comes at a cost. Not only will you have to pay a delivery charge of between $5 and $7, you’ll also have to pay more than menu price that would apply if you were actually willing to drag yourself to a physical storefront. But let’s be honest — fried chicken delivery is pretty close to priceless.

The move is a big one for Kentucky Fried Chicken, which has never before, in its storied 85-year history, allowed for delivery services. But now that other fast food chains are jumping on the on-demand bandwagon (Taco Bell is already aboard), KFC is joining the movement as well. And with DoorDash available online, on iOS, and on Android, the delivery option may make KFC even more popular than before, now that ordering is as easy as clicking or tapping a button.

“Everything you love from KFC is now available for delivery, including their famous buckets, sandwiches, sides and drink,” writes Prahar Shah, DoorDash’s head of business development. “But we’re going beyond the basics to bring you even more. We’ve created unique delivery menus and new combo packs you can’t find in stores. And we have your favorites at the prices you expect, such as the $20 Family Fill Up and $5 Fill Ups.”

While the delivery option is currently only available on the west coast, debuting in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County, DoorDash promises to expand its geographic availability soon. “DoorDash has always been about more than delivery,” writes Shah. “It’s about having convenience at your fingertips, freeing you up to spend your time on what matters most to you. We’ve found a true partner for this vision in KFC, a company built around the idea of getting everyone together around the dinner table with a complete family meal at an affordable price.”

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