Sleep better and wake up fresher with the Zeeq smart pillow

zeeq smart pillow screen shot 2016 07 13 at 9 30 21 am

Your beauty rest is about to get brainy. There’s a new sleep-tracking device that’s going straight to the source to tell you everything you need to know about your repose. Meet Zeeq, a smart pillow by REM-Fit that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up at the right time. By monitoring your sleep stages and presenting you with information by way of the companion Zeeq app, you’ll have all the information you need to get the most restful eight hours of your day.

In addition to monitoring your sleep, this smart pillow tracks your snoring with its built-in microphones, gently vibrating if you begin snoring too loudly (both for your benefit and your partner’s). Those teeny vibrations aim to encourage you to change positions, hopefully alleviating your bedfellow’s rage over your thunderous nighttime sounds.

Zeeq also uses these same vibrations to begin waking you up before your alarm so that you always arise feeling refreshed. And don’t worry — just because this pillow is smart doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable, too. The Zeeq comes complete with layers of memory foam in various sizes and densities to combine the benefits of a contour pillow with the comfort of a traditional one.

Because Zeeq responds to the data that it collects from your sleep cycles and habits, it’s constantly adjusting itself to ensure that you’re getting the best rest possible. To help you fall asleep, you can set up Zeeq to play music through the pillow, and you can set a sleep timer so that the music gently fades away as you fade into dreamland.

And if you want to take your pillow one step further into your life, you can use the Zeeq to help track your diet, exercise, and other habits that invariably affect your sleep quality. Using all this integrated information, you’ll be able to analyze how these factors effect your sleep, so you can make changes toward more restful slumber.

You can order one of these pillows for $99 on Kickstarter, where the Zeeq team has already surpassed its $50,000 funding goal with 44 days left in its campaign.


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