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Acer’s latest 10-inch tablet wants to be a portable home theater

acer iconia tab 10 tablet news
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Acer has revealed a new tablet, the Iconia Tab 10, and it’s designed to make watching video as pleasurable as possible, with a highly capable display and a set of forward facing speakers, tuned with DTS-HD audio technology. Acer’s watching your wallet as well, and has priced the Iconia Tab 10 sensibly, making it one to examine more closely.

The body has four forward-facing speakers that runs down either side, complete with DTS-HD Premium Sound technology, making immersive surround audio tracks sound their best. It’s not the first time we’ve heard this technology on a mobile device, with both Acer and Asus using it on several smartphones and tablets before. Acer’s Quadio front speaker tech had plenty of volume on the Predator 8 gaming tablet, so we expect good things from it here too.

MediaTek has partnered with Acer on the Iconia Tab 10, lending not only its quad-core MT8163 chip, but also its MiraVision display engine, which enhances color, contrast, and sharpness. On the side of the machine is Acer’s MediaMaster key, which quickly selects the best audio and visual settings depending on what you’re watching, how, and through which app. Potentially handy when connecting the Iconia Tab 10 to another display using the micro-HDMI port, or the Wireless Display option.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow runs on the tablet, with a few Acer alterations including the EZ Utilities app for simplifying the user interface and enlarging the fonts. The other specifications include a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front camera, 32GB of internal storage space and a MicroSD card slot to add another 128GB, plus a battery that should last for about eight hours.

Acer’s putting the Iconia Tab 10 on sale in June, and has announced pricing in the U.K., where it’ll cost £180, or around $255. That’s a good price for a media-focused 10-inch tablet, provided the MediaTek chip and its 2GB of RAM is up to the task. There’s no word on an international release yet.

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