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Adidas picks up the pace with a mobile-friendly shopping app that uses A.I.

adidas shopping app for mobile
Adidas has offered online shopping for a long time but you’ve always had to do it via a web browser. That may be just fine on a PC or laptop, but the process can get fiddly if you like to use your smartphone to shop.

The good news is that the sports clothing giant has finally gotten around to building a mobile shopping app for iOS and Android devices.

The new app offers everything from its latest shoes to clothing and accessories.

In an effort to offer a little more than its browser-based shopping experience, it will also come up with personalized product recommendations based on the sports you play and the kind of gear you like to wear. And with Adidas’s new app employing artificial intelligence technology, those recommendations should improve over time.

For now you can only use it in the U.S. or U.K., and you need to choose between the two when you open the app for the first time.

After that, you can scroll down the main page to explore current trends in the world of sports gear, or hit the shoe icon to start shopping. You’ll find products split between men, women, and kids, with additional categories including shoes, clothing, and accessories.

You can order using Apple Pay “or another favorite way of paying,” Adidas says, and track your goods via regular updates from the company.

Adidas has cleverly worked in other reasons to get you to open the app, such as by incorporating tailored news on sports and athletes that you’re into. Of course, you’ll also find updates on the latest Adidas gear to hit the market, likely with links to the store to encourage you to splash out on more gear.

For a bit of fun, there’s a “share how you wear it” feature where you can send in a photo of yourself posing in your swanky new Adidas gear for inclusion in a showcase of similar images so you can “see how your friends are wearing their Adidas.”

Finally, if you have any issues using the app, Adidas has agents available for an online chat around the clock, seven days a week. Of course, if Adidas isn’t your style, there’s always Nike.

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