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Airbnb is finally fixing the annoying way it shows prices in the app

Airbnb has taken user feedback to heart and is adding a more transparent way for app users to see how much a stay in a rental property actually costs. For years, users have been hit with additional hidden fees and checkout requirements, but with the addition of a single slider to the Airbnb app, the company will be giving users all of the information they need in order to make much more informed bookings.

On Twitter, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky showed off how the slider works in a short video announcement. Essentially, the option will be added to the top of the app’s UI and, once toggled on, will change a property’s listed price from the usual “per night” total to the user’s grand total for their full stay pretax. Upon completing a booking, a new option has also been added under the total cost that does a complete price breakdown that lists any additional fees that were previously hidden.

I’ve heard you loud and clear—you feel like prices aren’t transparent and checkout tasks are a pain. That’s why we’re making 4 changes:

1. Starting next month, you’ll be able to see the total price you're paying up front.

— Brian Chesky (@bchesky) November 7, 2022

This new approach to presenting more accurate prices will influence how the app’s search function works as well, prioritizing the total stay prices over prices for individual nights. According to Chesky, “the highest-quality homes with the best total prices will rank higher in search results.” This puts the power in the hands of guests as they won’t be tricked into booking a seemingly low-priced rental only to be surprised with hidden fees after checking out. Hosts will be given more tools to better market and discount their properties as well so, if all goes to plan, it seems like the update could be a win-win for all Airbnb users.

Chesky says that guests will be able to see all checkout requirements before booking their stay somewhere. This is to prevent surprise cleaning tasks thrown onto guests before ending their stay that, if left uncompleted, can result in additional fees.

The update is expected to start rolling out in December alongside the previously mentioned new pricing features for hosts. Chesky ends his Twitter thread by saying that Airbnb will “never stop improving,” so expect even more changes to the app in the future. The Airbnb app is available on both iOS and Android.

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