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Try before you buy with the new AR View on Amazon’s Android app

Amazon AR View: See it in your home

Amazon has released an update for its Android app that allows users to employ augmented reality to place items in their house before they buy them.

AR View for the Amazon Shopping app was introduced late last year, but only in the form of the iOS Amazon app. However, thanks to Google’s decision to finally launch the first version of the Android AR framework ARCore less than a week ago, Amazon has been able to push out the update to Android devices to enable the mode. At the moment, use of the mode is restricted to devices that are compatible with Google’s ARCore app, but expect that pool to widen as Google pushes out more support for AR.

If your device is fully compatible, then using the mode is as simple as opening your Amazon app, tapping the camera icon in the top-right corner, and then selecting “AR View” from the options shown. The app will then present you with a list of categories to select from, and from there simply select your chosen item, and line it up with your chosen spot. AR View will then superimpose your item onto your surroundings, allowing you to move around it, resize, and figure out if your prospective purchase fits your style or space.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen AR used to bring a new element to furniture hunting. Ikea’s Ikea Place app also allows for users to place chairs, wardrobes, and other furniture in their homes, giving users the chance to plan ahead and really see how Ikea’s products fit into their lives. Other shops have also experimented with the idea of using AR to make choosing furnishings easier, with Sephora’s Virtual Artist and Mac’s Virtual Try-On Mirror being two more interesting examples of how AR is being used to revitalize online shopping.

At the moment it seems that the AR View is restricted to U.S. users only, with the app not having updated in the U.K.’s Play Store. If you’re interested in checking out some of the more interesting examples of AR apps out right now, then check out our article for the best AR apps.

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