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Your shiny new Apple Card could get discolored if you have a leather wallet

The Apple Card may be made of metal, but it turns out it might not be as impervious as hoped. That’s not, however, because of the build material — but rather because of its color. According to a new support page from Apple, the Apple Card could end up being “permanently” discolored if it’s stored in a leather wallet.

Considering how many people have leather wallets, it’s an issue that could affect a large percentage of Apple Card holders. According to Apple, the Apple Card’s white finish is “achieved through a multilayer coating process that’s added to the titanium base material.”

Leather isn’t the only no-go for the Apple Card. Apple also warns against putting the card in direct contact with denim, so it’s good idea to keep it away from your jeans.

Thankfully, Apple does have some advice on how to store the card. The company says the best way to store it is in a container of some kind that’s made of a soft material. Further, Apple warns that the card shouldn’t come into contact with any loose metal objects — so it’s probably not a good idea to simply keep it in your pocket with keys and loose change. If it does come into contact with metal, the card could get scratched.

When it comes to cleaning the card, there are rules too. Apple says that the card should only be cleaned with a slightly damp microfiber cloth dipped in water or isopropyl alcohol — and it’s not advised to use any other cleaning material.

It’s clear that Apple, and many Apple Card customers, treat the card as much like a hardware product as any other Apple device. Sure, it’s perhaps not as big of a deal if the Apple Card gets a scratch, but it’s still a shiny metal Apple product — and part of the appeal is as a status symbol. While Apple Card isn’t the most impressive in terms of benefits and rewards, the privacy and security features, plus the fact that it’s so easy to manage in the app, make it a solid daily card for many people.

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